Corner Portfolios- Simple Math regarding W and 1-W

are these weights given? What is the simplest way to solve again, i suck at basic math: 6.29= 7.55W + 5.03 (1-W) Or are the weights usually given to us?

Yes, these weights will be given to you in the exam. I use the actual portfolio#, so I would know the correct percentage to put down in the exam. A bit longer, but gives me the peace of mind that I associated the %s to the correct portfolios. 6.29 = 7.55w4 + 5.03w5 AND 1= w4 + w5 or 1 - w4 = w5 6.29 = 7.55w4 + 5.03(1-w4) 6.29 = 7.55w4 + 5.03 - 5.03w4 1.26 = 2.52w4 .50=w4 AND 1 - 0.50 = w5 .50=w5

You must be kidding…

CFAAtlanta Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > You must be kidding… I know I know, L3 and does’nt know standard math. Abacus, thank you for that though, I know what you mean by labelling it though, thats how I write it out in my notes