Corona virus impact on CFA

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I don’t think they’ll cancel it but I could see it getting postponed.

Should have given people the option to take it in June or December rather than cancel.

Logistically, that’s impossible.

So what you are saying is there aren’t hundreds of thousands of venues out there desperate for someone to use their space that wouldn’t take a bid from the Institute to give students the option to sit between June-September?

That isn’t remotely what I’m saying.

If they have some candidates take the exam in June/July/August/September and others take it in December, they’d need new exams for December. I’m quite sure that that can’t happen.

That’s a good point (that the exams would need to change). However, I don’t see why that holds it up as a possibility.

Thinking about this from the other side, people have got to get back to work. We can’t have the entire economy shut down for all of 2020. I’m fairly confident that the impact of that would be far worse than the virus itself. So, to already “cancel” the exams in June just doesn’t make sense. Why not wait til mid-April to make that decision, and until that point, have a plan B set-up for a different exam that can be taken for people who “elect” to defer til later in the year.

That keeps people working and providing solutions for the future. This “shutting everything down” mentality that everyone is running to, with a correlation of 1 essentially, is not sustainable… Have to reverse this mindset.

You might if you’ve ever seen what goes into writing the exams, or ever tried writing one yourself.

Some candidates were clamoring for a decision to be made now, while others were clamoring for the decision to be postponed as long as possible.

One way or the other, they were going to have a group of candidates who are upset. I suspect that by making the decision now, the group of candidates who are upset is the smaller of the two.

I suspect, the “upset” group of candidates were those most likely to pass.

Disagree with the decision entirely, screws up my plans/strategy/life for not just this year, but the next 2 years. It has a tremendous economic and personal impact on my life.

Got me.

I understand.

I hope that you understand that it’s not about just you.

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