Corp Finance CFAI text Questions

WTF! I was thinking I am decent in corp but got screwed badly by those problems. getting 3/6 on average. I am doomed!

CF is brutal from CFAI - I was averaging 3/6 too. Very difficult stuff there. Too much calculation intensive.

yep so disappointed especially with not even 4 weeks are left. Would you recommend to finish those or just fck it? I can switch to Schweser test

I fked it. But it’s upto you. I think I just did 20 out of 44 and had to move on - as they were taking too much of my time

Just finished that. Problems on rest of the readings were easy. Now heading out for lunch. May take a test (book 1 - 2 pm) What are you upto? Q-bank?

Slow start to a weekend… still dont have a concrete plan to begin with. Will do QBank only.