corp. finance is as exciting as sublimity's sex life

i took fifteen f**kin naps during the day and now i’m not gonna be able to fall asleep all night - lame

that’s a lot of naps.

So if you took 15 naps - I am guessing you were doing Corporate Governance today.

drink until you fall asleep MS

haha, funny guy

probably as funny as the clown suit you wear in life

am I the only one who enjoys corporate governance?

BUAAAAAAA! HA HAAA! sub done gone and got himself served. and the children rejoiced. The End.

How an CFA Level 2 Candidate approaches a woman She is standing there, all alone in the library and he makes eye contact. He smiles and then she smiles…he moves close to her and says… -Would you go to bed with me for a million dollars; She laughs and answers… -Yes, i would. Then he asks her again… -Would you go to bed with me for 5 dollars;; She stop smiling and says… -5 dollars; What do you think i am; Then the Level 2 Candidate, sure about his success answers… -What you are was established in the first question. Now we are just looking for a price…

LOL brilliant ditch. ALthough techincally I shouldn’t find such jokes even remotely funny.

Thanks Ditch. Good stuff. I’m guessing that you gave that a try. What was the final price?

I dont’ have the stones to give it a try. I stole that joke from an econ website and replaced “Economist” with “CFA Level 2 Candidate.” The result is one in the same.

Not bad. In case you need a laugh, this seems pretty related to Ditch’s joke, and certainly something we can relate to. It has been out for a while though, so you may have already seen it. Funny other stories on the website as well.