Corp Finance - Straight Dope

OK so i haven’t done any Corporate Finance yet. I am just going to use Schweser notes, but there’s still a lot. 2 study sessions.

Give me the straight dope - what are the most important parts?

Its kinda one of the shortest reading in level 2 so much of everything in it is important but good part is its not difficult. Just learn formulas read summaries go over questions and hope for the best.

yea there are buzz words that are easy to learn and remember, and a good chance they would be asked. learn the MM theories, terms like pecking order, static trade-off, bird in hand theory, clientele effect…

also learn the M&A formulas. value of the combined firm, synergies etc. these should be not too hard to understand or learn.

another important area is project valuation. it takes a couple minutes to learn the formulae for initial investment etc. (pretty intuitive), and replacement projects are just a continuation of the basic formula.