CorpFin - TT breadth

Hi All

To anyone who is hot on Corporate Finance, how encompassing do you find the TT’s? This is one of my weaker areas, I will be drilling questions but wondered if a decent score on TT’s means I am generally in a good place. I feel there is a lot of untested material here. Does anyone have a shortlist of the “testable topics”?


Equivalent Annuities/LCM MM with/without taxes Static tradeoff theory Fall in price given tax rates & dividend amount Dividend Regimes Friedman/Utilitarian/Kantian/Justice Theory/Rights Theory HHI Takeover defense names Good practise for Corporate Governance Economic Profit (NOPAT - $WACC) Economic Income (ATOCF - Change in MV) Computing changes in NPV due to MACRS


There are plenty of economic profit questions in there. There is also definitely one economic income. There is MACRS in there. EAA a couple questions. Dividend regimes are there too as well as some HHI stuff. Infact, almost everything you listed was tested except alot of the merger defenses.

lol - are you sure you went through all the topic tests?

Sorry to be more clear I was asking for things NOT in the TTs / A more complete list of testable topics :slight_smile:

So, have I missed anything on my list?

All the capital budgeting questions!