Corporate Credit analyst role IB

Has anyone of you had an inteview for a Corporate credit analyst role (origination side) with a top IB? Any experience to share would be great!

I interviewed with Sun Trust two years ago for a corporate banking analyst position. I was asked how I would analyze a company’s credit and to explain a major financial decision I had made. I bombed these then and could nail them now with my CFA knowledge. Cash flow statements are big in credit analysis and the latter question I have since figured out could be answered in a NPV framework. The rest of the questions were mainly to see if I was a good culture fit and my communication skills. Also, be prepared to make a good case for why you want to do corporate credit analysis. Hope this helps. Best of luck.

Thanks a lot Ed!

Focus on EBITDA (cash flow), leverage (secured vs. unsecured debt as well), interest coverage, fixed charge coverage. Be able to talk about industry drivers. The analysis is much more like fixed income as opposed to equity.

net debt/EBITDA, too. If you are a level 2 candidate, there is a credit research chapter or 2 in the materials…