Corporate Development and Financial Planning Interview

I have an interview coming up for a corporate development and financial planning role. The roles main focus is on M&A but it also has a strategic planning compontent. My background is in Transaction Services with a primary focus on performing fair value opinions on buisness entities.

I know the typical career path for these types of positions is through Investment Banking, but my background in valuing businesses has a lot of overlap with investment banking when it comes to valuation modeling. However, I lack deal making experience. Based on my first phone discussion, I sensed that they are a bit concerned about this lack of experience.

What kinds of questions do you think I should expect in my interview, and what kind of questions should I be asking them? I think there will be a focus on my lack of deal making experience to see how quickly I can think on my feet and how quickly I can pick up the skills necessary to fill in this gap in my experience.

Hey little cubby, you are in the WRONG place to be axing bout M&A. Also, since you didn’t ask about KKR I would acquire a hacksaw ASAP and get to work on that sack. Capece?