Corporate Finance analyst

I might be out of leage but are there anybody like me who are Financial Analysts (5+yrs) by profession with a difference that we assimilate and synthesize information for corporations for specific purposes (New product costing, cost modeling, working closely with IBs to develop credible case for pvt equity, executive reporting and messaging) sometimes combining skills based on non-finance experience (Utilities, Oil & Gas)? I think CFA program curriculum has developed me into a better ‘Analyst’ and ‘Forecaster’ or ‘Modeler’ so why don’t I see CFA associated with Corporate Finance Analyst profession? Anybody? Thanks!

I have also been working as a corporate financial analyst. In my 4+years working in this position (and at two different companies), I have yet to see another analyst in a coporation have or even know about the CFA program. However, the only thing you should be concerned about is if your work expierence will count. Since the CFA institute has “Corporate Financial Analyst” listed as counting towards the expierence requirement…I think it will count. And the CFA program is definitely geared more towards investment management (equity, fixed income, etc) then it is for a financial analyst in a coporation.

Count me in this boat as well…I have about 4 yrs experience and am the only person I know in this roll persuing the designation. Best, TheChad

I’m a Corporate Financial Analyst, and I didn’t have any problems getting my experience creditted. In my area they pair you with a member of the local society who defends your experience. We were lucky, and didn’t seem to have too many problems. I’ve worked at 3 big companies. I submitted my experience last year when I was still working for the second company. Hope that eases your fears.

Abba, would you be willing to share what you submitted? Thx!

Hi Abba, Would you pl. clarify what you mean by ‘they pair you …’ who are they? CFAI? Thx.

Me neither, I’m a corporate CFO for a small private corporation and had no problem getting credited. I budget free cash and invest that money in various instruments rather than let it sit in the bank. I negotiate private financings w/ private investors and banks. You don’t think that requires valution/economic or market analysis? Be very clear when writing your job description to them. The more clear, the more you emphasze the LOS, the better.