Corporate Finance options for a career changer with an mba?

Hi guys,

I’m a career changer who worked in Advertising/Marketing for about 4 years. I’m graduating from an mba program next year and looking to get into corporate finance. I know that I don’t have Finance experience but would I still need to start as an entry level financial analyst or would my previous work experience+ my mba enable me to get hired as a senior analyst? More importantly, what kind of salary can I expect as a first year financial analyst with an mba in NYC? Would I be able to command more money since I do have work experience and an mba or are all analysts generally paid the same.

which MBA program

Fordham in nyc. I know it’s not a target school but I figured it wasn’t as important since I’m not going the IB route. Trying to get into Investment Banking from Fordham would have been tough if not impossible but I’m looking to get into corp finance.

Going to Fordham opens the doors to anything you set your mind to.

I assume you’re meaning finance in a corporation, rather than corporate finance in the investment banking sense. If that’s the case, I think you’ll crack this no problem. Take whatever you can to get in the door and bust your balls. Opportunities will come up if you’re good. The good news is the corporate side is less caring about where you went to school than the banks.

Can’t speak to NYC, but you’d be making ~$70k here with an MBA and non-related experience as a intermediate-ish analyst. You might have to struggle with a bit less up front for a year or two until you get a solid position, but it’s achievable in the short run.

You should target marketing/advertising firms that are looking for finance people. You’d be a solid candidate there and you’ll see more salary than say, petroleum products or transportation with zero related experience. You should be a senior type analyst in a firm in your niche.

Keep in mind heirachies aren’t as formal as in banks. It may not be called “junior analyst” or “senior analyst.” Read job descriptions and hit them up!

Good luck.

Thanks Geo , that helps alot.