Corporate finance track at age 44

Hi, Friends,

Your inputs are welcome.

I had a Master in Financial Engineering from a top business school 10years ago. However, the bank job prospect was bad at the time. I stayed home for 4yrs. Then I started selling life insurance in a big mutual for 4 yrs. After some considerations I decide to resign sales and pursue corporate career.

New FMVA certificate, with 1yr analyst experience 10years ago, 4 yrs financial advisor experience, Asian native, sending out 30 resumes and got twice chances to speak with hiring managers and 1 onsite, 0 offer.

Am I dead? Thank you.

How did you “stay home” for 4 years? What does that mean?

“Pursue Corporate career” is very vague. What level are you looking to apply for - associate/analyst or managerial or executive?

Your chances are slim. You’re competing with younger/hungrier people for junior roles, and with more experienced people with heavier resumes for senior roles. That being said, 2 interviews out of 30 applications isn’t bad. Keep at it and something might still happen.

Your best bet is probably to take a pay-cut and start over at a lower position (financial analyst/senior financial analyst type roles). You haven’t provided enough info to understand what type of corporate roles you’re looking for.

Stay home means no pay, but manage family financials, activities, and connect more with the community

Thank you for your inputs, Tactics. I hope in 20yrs of career, analyst – manager – director – CFO track in tech, bio company in my geographic area is still possible. I am willing to start low, but at a right direction.

What did you do before the MFE since you would have been about 34 at the time?

I sincerely hope this question is a joke.