Corporate Governace-Greenmail, Golden parachute, Poison pill, and Cumu. voting

hi, I see one -two questions asking whether following is favorable for shareholders. My view are following Cumulative Voting : Good Golden Parachute: Not good Poison Pill: Good Greenmail: Not Good Others comment pls. Any other fancy term in corporate governance chapter whose question others came across, pls add. Thanks ( In case someone is interested in small deifnitions, like me, i have compiled these four definitions below:- ) Rno 48 Corporate Governance. Definition of certain terms, and whether they are in interest of shareholders. (Note: Self comments are marked in {*} A. Cumulative Voting What Does Cumulative Voting Mean? The procedure of voting for a company’s directors; each shareholder is entitled one vote per share times the number of directors to be elected. This is sometimes known as ‘proportional voting’. Investopedia explains Cumulative Voting For example, if you owned 100 shares and there were three directors to be elected, you would have 300 votes. This is advantageous for individual investors because they can apply all of their votes toward one person. CMUL VORUING : GOOD FOR SHH B.Greenmail or greenmailing is the practice of purchasing enough shares in a firm to threaten a takeover and thereby forcing the target firm to buy those shares back at a premium in order to suspend the takeover. {* Greenmail should be prevented by shareholders. Check if corporate governance give this requirement that directors must seek shareholder approval for the buyback of its own shares.} GREENMAIL NOT GOOD FOR SHH C.Poison Pill What Does Poison Pill Mean? A strategy used by corporations to discourage hostile takeovers. With a poison pill, the target company attempts to make its stock less attractive to the acquirer. There are two types of poison pills: 1. A “flip-in” allows existing shareholders (except the acquirer) to buy more shares at a discount. 2. A “flip-over” allows stockholders to buy the acquirer’s shares at a discounted price after the merger. Investopedia explains Poison Pill 1. By purchasing more shares cheaply (flip-in), investors get instant profits and, more importantly, they dilute the shares held by the acquirer. This makes the takeover attempt more difficult and more expensive. 2. An example of a flip-over is when shareholders gain the right to purchase the stock of the acquirer on a two-for-one basis in any subsequent merger. Wikipedia says that Several studies have indicated that companies with poison pill (shareholder rights plans) have received higher takeover premiums than companies without poison pills. This results in increased shareholder value. POSION PILL GOOD FOR SHH D.Golden Parachute: What Does Golden Parachute Mean? Lucrative benefits given to top executives in the event that a company is taken over by another firm, resulting in the loss of their job. Benefits include items such as stock options, bonuses, severance pay, etc. Investopedia explains Golden Parachute A golden parachute can be used as a measure to discourage an unwanted takeover attempt, by making takeover costly. GOLDEN PARACHUTE IS NOT GOOD FOR SHH