Corporate impt is it at level 3?

So…I have been reading on Corporate Governance…and while I acknowledge that this part has appeared in levels 1 and 2, am wondering how impt this part is for the level 3 exam? Retakers or ppl who took the exam last year any comments?

you gotta know everyhthing kid

listen to what wake is saying, you have to know everything.

Hmm I asked the question because based on past experiences at levels 1 and 2, there were usually very few, at most 2 questions on corporate governance. Hence, was wondering whether it was worth the effort to study it at level 3.

hmmm, you didnt study the heuristics section did you kid?

You can pick any given reading/sub-topic and probably only expect 2-3 questions. Corp Governance is no different and IIRC that was about what it was last year. Of course, there is a chance you could get a corp governance focused vignette. Whether or not that is a risk you can take, I don’t think others will say.

if you are saying that if you have to leave one topic because of time constraint, then I will say this is the one.