Corporate Governance!!! Please

What is the shortest way to get the corporate governance done? I hate it, just too boring. Please anyone???

you sit down and read it - of all things to be bored by and stressed out on, this probably ranks near the bottom of my list. What don’t you understand within the section?

I just dont like reading a lot of theory. If corporate governance were numbers and forumlas then no problem but its just too subjective.

It’s kind of like second tier ethics.

A lot of theory similar to economics.

i like ethics, its actually kind of interesting, but this corp gov… this */?? is crazy…

I am willing to bet you will see all of 2-3 questions on the exam about it.

Most of it is common sense though. Just think of what you would want on a board of governence for a company that you hold a large stake in. Whatever is best for the shareholders is typically the correct answer in this section. Plus this section is very short so you should be able to read in no time and just get the background.

A lot of it is not common sense, for example the roles of an audit committee/who would nominate it, board-executive relationship, required qualifications (is legal experience an issue? how about understanding the competitive issues facing the firm?) are golden parachutes good or bad? etc… anyway, i would recommend reading it at least once

Which of the notes will be okay? I have schweser and analysts notes. Usually what I do is I review CFA text after I am done with notes but kind of short on time. Anyone suggestions/advice please???