Corporate Governance

Gross…enough said. Best, TheChad

most boring topic ever.

Every level is more boring than the last…level III is no exception.

i was considering stabbing myself in the eyes at Level II… looks like I need to wear goggles just in case for III

Is that new in level 3? i don’t remember it at all… certainly remember level 2 oh yeah, maybe i vaguely remember now. give me a couple of rules and it’ll probably come back to me.

One of the big items is the Cadbury report. Other things include differences between a stakeholder society vs a shareholder society, how effective debt is as a control mechanism for managers, and active vs passive monitoring. I am getting frustrated just thinking about it. Best, ThaChad

schad, thanks… ok, now i remember (“vietnam flashbacks” LOL)… anyway, i’d say free marks to a certain extent, so i’d learn it… FWIW