Corporate Governance

i have been smoking through the FSA and now corp fin until I got to the CFA Corp Governance EOC questions. These are so d@mn annoying and tricky it infuriates me. Sorry just had to vent and get that out there. Ugh, reminds me of parts of the ethics chapters.

Wait until you see what shows up on the exam…

I’m right there with you today. Very similar to ethics and it sucks. Lots of details. I could do without an item set on this topic come exam day.

I was thinking of winging it close to test. It’s so impossible to retain such simple details. Any one else got a better approach?

might not be a bad idea - figure even if you don’t have it all nailed down, you could maybe pull 50% of the answers on a Corp Governance question - the incremental work that would go into pushing that up over 70%? Costs seem to outweigh the benefits…

Probably not worth the effort, i haven’t gotten there yet but, if you look at the exam weights, corp finance is 5-15%, so say 10% , so 1 full vignette on corp finance per session,. how many governence questions do you think there is going to be worst case scenario 2 per session thats 4 questions out of 120, and you will probably get 2 out of 4 right, so 2 wrong answers is like 1.5% of your mark, who cares if you have to kill urself to memorise it all, forget it…

I suck at corporate governance… I am just going to do a ton of repeated questions and maybe something will stick

This is what I’m taking from Corp. Gov. and I hope it will be enough: 1. Definition if Corp Gov. - System of principles, policies, proceedures, & responsibitities and accountabilities. 2. Core attributes of effective corp gov.: ( I think of this from the point of view of the S/H’s) use accronym RRAFT (Our Raft) R - Rights of s/h’s delineated R- Resposibilities of Directors are clear A - Accountability for directors F - Fair & equitable treatment B/w Mgrs, Dir’s, and S/H’s T - Transparancey of Operations, performance, risk, and Fin Position. 3. Risks of weak Corp. Gov. Accounting Asset management Liability And Strategic Policy risk Those seem to be the heaviest hit areas to me.

Google Madoff, A. Stanford, Kozlowski, Skilling, and do the opposite of what they did.

BizBanker Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Google Madoff, A. Stanford, Kozlowski, Skilling, > and do the opposite of what they did. So don’t get caught. Gotcha.