Corporate Governance?

Volume 4 probably has a good thirty pages on that…lots of concepts, issues, bullet points and sub-bullet points. How much of this should I really memorize?

Corp Gov was one of my least ‘need to learn’ topics - I think it’s a bit like ethics, you either get it or you don’t, initially at least. A lot of it is common sense, so I’d try to do the EOC questions first to get a feel for how strong you are in the concepts - then a quick scan and if you come across something foreign, have a good read of that part. If you’ve got Schweser, they do a pretty good run-down of it all.

Yea, I do have Schweser. What I usually do is study the CFA curriculum alongside with Schweser, and they’re usually pretty consistent with each other. But with corporate governance, the curriculum is way more specific. I guess for now I’ll just skim through it and if I have problems with the questions I’ll go back. Thanks!