corporate reports

I need the last five years of AT&T’s annual reports, i can only find the last two years so where can i find the three years before that? i dont have access to bloomberg or sedar.

EDGAR? not sure how many years they keep available online…

“not sure how many years they keep available online…” they have that many but we’re a subscriber so maybe you’re limited if not.

try contacting the company or their website… hell, google their annual reports - one might pop up.

Contact their Investor Relations team - this should be on their website

AT&T doesn’t exist any more, right? Were merged into Cingular (this is where child eats parent). So I wouldn’t be surprised that no one’s hosting a site where a defunct company’s ARs live. Hopefully the Edgar hit will bear out.

Edgar ( has AT&T’s 10-Ks from '94 - '05 on-line.