Corporate Treasury - Equities Position

A very large banking institution in my area called me on this position. I cannot find a job description on their website/monster and they are calling me in for an interview. 1. Is this typical? 2. Can anyone help me out with what this position entails? I’m open to all advice.

could be a lot of things, but likely investing in S&P type stocks with the banks money. A line item in the ALM bucket.

I just emailed her to clarify which position it is. No worries. Can anyone suggest key talking points, expected salary, etc? I have the interview a week from tomorrow on July 3rd. This is a whale of a position for me! Had I seen this on monster I would not have applied as I have NO analysis/forecasting experience. If you all could kindly help me along that would be great. Resume checked out obviously, now I need to close at the interview. Equities/ Boli Position Provides financial analyses related to budgets, forecasting, allocation of expenses, ad hoc analysis for business case development and custom financial analyses, peer group analysis and internal consulting for all levels of management. Develops and maintains spreadsheets and statistical models for financial analysis. Prepares a variety of management presentations. Researches and resolves problems and errors in data from financial reporting systems. May provide assistance in the development of financial applications. May prepare interest rate pricing and forecasting information for use in asset and liability management. This specific position is within Corporate Treasury working as an investment analyst and will be responsible for equity investment and BOLI- COLI analytics. The position requires an understanding of cost and equity accounting (FAS 115), knowledge of income statements, balance sheet and financial reporting. Strong analytical ability with knowledge of financial reporting and ability to review various complex legal agreements. Position is responsible for complex financial analysis projects. May participate in the development of systems and reports to enhance the quality of information being generated. Work is typically performed under minimal guidance

Hey KJH, I just got a job in Treasury, but not in a bank so our duties are completly different. From what your job sound like it should pay atleast 50k a year. Umm as far as interview goes probably get up on current events and also maybe do some analysis on the bank’s past financial statments and talk about them (CAGR for revenue, various ratios, blah blah blah how they stack up to their competitors). Thats what I did, and they seem to be fairly impressed

Thanks KS. I have not interviewed for a position of this magnitude. Needless to say I’m very nervous and will be doing plenty of due diligence this weekend.

Can anyone else offer advice?

oooo, not what I thought. this is a finance / accounting type position.

Agreed with Gecco, this seems like what industry would term “financial analyst”. Not that I have anything wrong with that. Some have a bit more treasury functions than others (those can vary a lot from co to co). I started at my company as that (FA), so my guess is you spend bulk of the time on budget, forecast, and reports…

Just from the description, I can say that L2 material will carry you through. I would look at my corp finance notes since budgeting and project finance seems to be the focus.

That’s what I’m thinking…it’s a Financial Analyst position that you would most likely see in most corporations. Although I work in the Treasury Dept for a bank (a $3b Thrift)- what these depts do vary significantly…I’ve only been here for four months and we don’t deal with equities. We deal with BOLI (Bank Owned Life Insurance) but it’s not a part of my job…I mostly deal with bonds, swaps, funding the bank, and liquity/interest rate risk…I wish I could help but sorry. It sounds like it’s mostly dealing with “where is the money going in our bank, how can we better utilize it, and develop more accurate budgets.” I can see you interacting with diff depts, poss even branches, and reporting to Senior Management. Possibly also setting rates on banking products off of LIBOR, etc… Salary range? I’m not sure…I’m one year out of college a couple of internships under the belt and make 45-50k. It all depends on your bank…