Corporates valuation // online course, certification, book, needed

Hi Guys,

I need to find an accreditation about valuation of corporates, how to analyse the balancesheets, different industries…

Do you know online resources or certifications covering this topic? CFA in my opinion is not deep enough

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Valuing securities for the purpose of investment or valuation for tax/legal purposes?

CFA is in my view deep enough on corporate valuation-related topics (equity valuation, financial statement analysis, corporate finance, debt instruments…). IMO the topic of corporate valuation is neither technical, nor wide enough to deserve a specific certification.

Get your CFA and read a couple of articles and books from Aswath Damodaran and that will be more than sufficient.

No need to get each of the skills listed on your CV certified.


I think CFA is much better then the other resources online about corporate valuation. You need to spend some more time on it.