Correcting an answer on your test sheet

Do they allow for any corrections on the test paper? Say i chose A initially and then realised I wanted to put down B instead. Is it possible to correct an answer you had already marked on the test sheet?

your lucky I am going to save you before someone breaks in with a snide remark…yes you can change an answer on the exam sheet…probably want to bring a good eraser though

OR RUBBER as on another THREAD!!! can’t resist that one though!!!

huh? They allow pencils to be used? i thought everything had to be in ink? I better buy some rubbers while i am at it.

Someone had the best quote in June…I forget exactly who said it or exactly how it went but it was like: “You bring the rubber and depending on how hard you studied, CFAI will provide the vaseline”…I couldn’t stop laughing… did I just violate the Code of ethics by not referencing my source???.. I am so not funny

This is serious. Are you all planning to do it in pencil?

im pretty sure you have to do it in pencil, it is scantron sheet

It has to be done in 2B Pencil ONLY. Please NOTE. TokyoBBB

Its too late in the game to make a funny remark now…though i really want to Please read this…you have spent a lot of time on the prep, you don’t want something trivial to mess it all up.

Thank you very much all.

yeah its a pencil / scantron test