Correcting answer in morning exam

can anyone advise what if I realise the answer i have written is incorrect, especially in the template, how can I re-do it.

should i just cancel it and re-write in one of the following pages by marking question number.

also can we write with blue or black pen, or is there any specifications for writing materials.


they say you can just cross it out and it wont be marked

template answers do not have to be written in the template…they are there for convenience

hmm dwheats are you sure about that?

the exam has in written in ALL CAPS and bold. write your answer in the template. i wouldnt mess with that… unless your answer is so long it falls outside…

I’m pretty sure that templates are just for your convenience. You CAN use the dotted line paper instead if you choose to.

hmm. i see! mea culpa.

regardless i will use the template! :slight_smile:

I think about using an erasable pen for circling. Helps to correct it.

waaaaaa ?

The template is just a suggestion ? That is 100 % new to me.