Correlation Between CFAI EOC Questions and Actual Exam

I have read lots and lots of posts on this great website and have gained a great deal of wisdom from people who have traveled this path before. But, I have not seen an answer to my question. What is the correlation between the issues tested in the EOC questions and the actual questions on the Level 2 exam? I started out reading (and have finished) the entire Schweser Level II books and listened to all the MPEG recordings. Now, I am going to start on the CFAI books and would appreciate insight to my inquiry. There is a HUGE amount of material in each of these LOS, but they only choose certain areas to test in the EOC question. So, if a candidate completely mastered the material in the EOC questions, would there be a high probability that this is what they will be testing on June 4? Thank you.

the EOC questions cover a lot of the material. the actual text covers more theory. there is another thread with almost the same title you can search for, people on there said to be careful about making any assumptions about test day.