correlation coeff

Suppose the correlation coefficient between height as measured in feet versus weight as measured in pounds is 0.40. What is the correlation coefficient of height measured in inches versus weight measured in ounces? [12 inches = one foot; 16 ounces = one pound] A. cannot be determined from information given B. 0.4 C. 0.533 D. 0.3


That’s a extremely non-cfa question. I wouldn’t bother with it. But isn’t the answer just .3? There’s a conversion of the proportions… .or is there some other aspect to this… My guess is there’s some underlying issue…

I’m actually falling asleep so i’ll not wait for other shots :wink: Correct Answer: B. Correlation coefficient will remain the same as no units are associated with correlation hope u liked it

good question looks like easy

C’mon mcf u cracked much harder Q than that and given the CFAI mock conceptual nature, I don’t think we can afford to forget that correlation doesn’t have unit …

That was my first inclination, however the proportions are different. If you kept this in metric terms, say 1000 meters and 1 km, then it’s okay… however, your underlying data set is very different now. Does it really have no impact? I guess the proportions of all the x,y values in the data set are the same, huh?