Could this be a sneaky way to find your result?

1- Go to the CFA website 2- Sign in 3- Click on My CFA 4- Fiind the section titled "Recommended Study Resources " 5- Right click the picture of the books and try to save it. 6- In my case, the recommended name for the file is “2cfa11_covers” which may mean that I will be taking CFA Level 2 in 2011. You guys can try it and see if it confirms my suspicion.

what exam did you take in June?

I sure hope not

thsi has been discussed already… no one has anything besides that.

I took level II in June 2010. If this topic has been discussed previously, can anoyone update me on the conclusion. Thanks

it means nothing…go to bed.

it means every single person has the same thing you do.

Unfortunately, I am in bed already (hoping to fall asleep). But the CFA demons aren’t letting me fall asleep. :slight_smile: