Counsel Wealth Management

Anyone ever heard of these guys? Willy

i came across them when i was looking for firms in Mississauga …thyr a small shop … cant really tell you too much else thay you havent already seen on thier website …

Small boutique asset manager that submanages financial planners HNW clients for them, is part of IPC which is a subsidiary if IGIM so should be a decent shop, I think they do asset managment with MD Management as well.

Wow have you guys seen their performance and IFIC stats? Gosh they stink. I wonder what the problems with performance are? They have a “growth” portfolio with these kinds of stats at a -1.24% since inception. IFIC stats seem to support people bailing out of these funds. Fund Group Avg Index* 1 Month -1.61% -2.22% -0.76% 3 Months -6.93% -4.67% -4.05% 6 Months -5.87% -1.70% -1.10% 1 Year -13.90% -7.89% -7.40% 2 Year Avg -2.90% 0.69% -0.02% 3 Year Avg -0.92% 1.90% 0.11% 5 Year Avg 2.86% 5.21% 2.16% Since Inception 1.24% - Willy