COUNTDOWN ... 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ... ?

One week to go / then we will know / “pass” or “fail” / I wish I could tell. Let’s start the traditional countdown … :wink: 6 days to go … Good luck everyone!

Actually results were released Sunday last year, and the year before so the results almost certainly will be on April 17th, so technically 5 days to go.

And phdsquared I’ve got the CFA Level II in 2 months, how did you pass the test? I remember you from the results thread. Did you just use Schweser and EOC?

5 (or 4) And MissCleo, you have a good memory :wink: (an important asset for all those exams we are doing…) … I passed LII , so its LIII for me in less than 2 months. I used the CFA readings mainly as I liked them better than Schweser for LII. In the end I don’t think it matters much what material you use but how much time you spend on learning and how well you are prepared and understand the concepts.

Less than 72 hours…

So I take it everyone is banking on the results being released on Sunday rather than Monday?

They have for the past few years

Morning? Evening? At midnight?

Bring it on!!! I say fairly tentatively :slight_smile:

LFM3RJ Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Morning? Evening? At midnight? In April 2010 I think it was mid to late morning on Sunday (US east coast time)

I got my email for Level 2 at 9 am central last October.

9am Central on Sunday, right MC?