sorry 1 more thread on this 96 hrs to go …4 days

94 Hours to go! lol

It’s the final countdown…

93 hrs left

texasex Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > It’s the final countdown… every time i hear “final countdown” it reminds me of the “final countdown” by europe, may be you’re too young to remember.

^ that’s the point…


89.75 hours to go

this is going to be a long weekend

seriously ?

78 Hours to go

66 hours to go …

66??? isnt it 73 hrs ?

Apologies … time zone differences … u r correct

I almost forgot I had this exam, but since yesterday, I started getting worried

2 days 66 hours 4014 minutes 240894 seconds

I took the test along with a dozen colleagues; a FAIL is gonna look terrible…even more so should the others pass…its been over 2 months since the test and i have almost forgotten what it the exam was about!

60.5 hrs

59 something hours to go