Country/Region of issuance based on Passport

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I’m looking to register myself for the exam, and had a quick question. Under the Passport section, they ask for the Country/Region of Issuance, and I was wondering what’s the right response based on my situation - I hold an Indian passport that was issued by the Indian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates. So in my passport, the ‘Place of Issue’ is UAE, but the passport is an Indian passport. Anyone had a similar issue - if so, what did y’all enter?


I am also having a similar doubt, anyone care to help?

Please consult the embassy about this
So if you need to ship your car in other country read this -

I may have the solution…but you can confirm with others. I have Indian passport which was issued in San Francisco CGI. You can mention…place of issue as UAE and your citizenship as Indian. Hope it helps