Coupla Gripes!


You’ve done a good job overhauling AF. But there are a few things that could use a review.

  1. Mobile App. I thought this was included in 2.0?

  2. Search Function. Old School AF had a crappy search function, this one is downright awful. I tried to recover a related post from ~2009 and could not make any sense of the populated search results. Can you look into it? Can you get a google based search?

Thanks. Rant over!

I’m still waiting on this site to be better. The spacing and everything is oversized. Also navigating between forums is annoying still.

When you’re on the backoffice page you should get a quick link back to the CFA forums not, CFA, CFA Forums, Forum Group. I dunno too many clicks and I need to scroll so damn much now

Thanks for the feedback. We’re working on a new forum theme that will have less white space and more navigation links (page 1,2,3 last). We are also installing a new search server that will look somewhat like this: It will allow you to slice and dice by forum, study session, username, and more. This new site is going to be continuously improved. I also agree that we need to provide a link back to the exam forums from the back office.

I’ve added an additional menu at top right sidebar of Back Office pages now, which gives you quick access back to the CFA, CAIA, and FRM forums. I hope this helps.

Although previous version of AF had a not-so-great search function, I liked the fact that I could search by user name. Can you please also add that? I had enjoyed reading posts from numi, blackswan, chad, and JDV…

dyyun3, have a look at the link Chad posted above for an example of the features the upcoming AF search will have (see the sidebar to the right of the page). Unfortunately, the built-in search function of the system is currently doing all that it’s capable of, which is why we will be adding a more robust search system to replace it. One thing you “can” do right now though to get a list of another member’s posts is to click on the “Track” item on that user’s profile page. The resulting page shows a listing of that user’s posts and discussions they are participating in across the whole site. For instance, here is the listing for Black Swan:

For me, the best new feature in the new site is the “Forums” overview page, where the user can see which of the CFA/FRM/CAIA forums has recently seen activity. This forums page could be even better if, for each forum, it provided details of What the last update was and Who it was by. Like: Last comment 31 minutes ago by turbolt on “Why is Dell sitting on my money?” To me, this seems like the most important information to display. Maybe some relatively-less-useful information could be removed to make room. For example, is it really necessary/useful to explain that the “CFA Level I Forum” is a forum for “Discussion of the Level I CFA exam.”? And do we all really need to keep a close watch on the “124,718 Posts on 16,006 Topics” statistics?

I thought that said Copula Gripes and I was like, I’ll bitch about some copulas.

I thought it said “Coppola Gripes” and came here to complain about The Godfather Part III.

Specifically Sofia? Or the whole shabang?