Couple, homeless man charged with faking story that earned $400K in donations

“Prosecutors said that Mark D’amico and Kate McClure conspired with destitute Johnny Bobbitt to create the get-rich-quick scheme in 2017.”

I immediately knew I didn’t trust this guy when I saw the faux hawk.


Is this different from a majority of NGOs that use 15% of proceeds on the cause and 85% on the organization?

***Coughs in Hillary*** Clinton foundation, cough

For Clinton foundation, 15% would be generous!

Honestly charitable organizations imo is the biggest form of tax evasion abuse.

Well maybe business expensing everything is prolly worse!

they really should increase the budget of the irs. It has the best roi. A 0.5 percent audit chance is a damn joke.





Wrong, also LOL at using some guy on quora as a source. :grin:

There’s a grain of truth here – roughly 85 percent of the foundation’s spending was for items other than charitable grants to other organizations, and a large chunk of this 85 percent did go to Clinton Foundation staff for travel, salaries and benefits. However, the foundation says it does most of its charitable work in-house, and it’s not credible to think that the foundation spent zero dollars beyond grants on any charitable work, which is what it would take for Limbaugh to be correct.

The claim contains some element of truth but ignores critical facts that would give a different impression, so we rate it Mostly False.

So, what were some causes on which some of the other 85% were spent? These:

Clinton Development Initiative staff in Africa train rural farmers and help them get access to seeds, equipment and markets for their crops.

Clinton Climate Initiative staff help governments in Africa and the Caribbean region with reforestation efforts, and in island nations to help develop renewable energy projects.

Staff at the Clinton Health Access Initiative, an independent, affiliated entity, work in dozens of nations to lower the cost of HIV/AIDS medicine, scale up pediatric AIDS treatment and promote treatment of diarrhea through life-saving Zinc/ORS treatment.

Clinton Health Matters staff work with local governments and businesses in the United States to develop wellness and physical activity plans.”

Did you read any of the articles that the guy linked to?

And did you see where Charity Navigator said, in 2015, that the unusual way that the Clinton Foundation did business led Charity Navigator to discontinue its rating of the Clinton Foundation?

Again, the right loves to scream about how HRC is doing something they’re guilty of. See Trump’s charity.

Trump is actually using his charity to pay out golf tournament prizes or buy art (of Trump).

yea actually i hear thats a tax strategy. donate your overvalued art to a private museum you own close to your house thats only open a limited amount of time. here’s a fabulous article:

The first quote/link I provided rates the articles he linked to as Mostly False. So, yes, I did look at them and found them to be misrepresentations.

Given there is a rating as of 8/1/2018, I find this surprising. Can you please show me what you mean?

Under the TCJA, the IRS is cracking down on this.

If you’re going to criticize the Clinton foundation while looking the other way on Trump…you need to shut it. From the left wing WSJ editorial page…The Trump Foundation allegedly committed many violations. Annual board of director meetings are required by law, but the foundation’s last recorded board meeting was in 1999. Foundation expenditures are required to be separate from donors’ business interests, but the suit says Trump repeatedly used tax-exempt money to cover business expenses—covering the prize costs at a golf tournament, resolving fines against Trump’s Mar-A-Largo resort, and even paying $10,000 for a portrait of Trump hung at his for-profit Doral golf club. And foundations must stay out of politics, but the suit says Trump’s campaign was assisted by direct control of charitable donations intended for veterans.