Couple of silly CFA exam day questions

I know this is a stupid little question, but I am wondering are you allowed to wear a watch into the exam? I forgot from when i took level 1 what the policy was. Also not exam day related but whats with the CFA sample exams? 40 bucks for only 30 questions?? Thats half of 1 exam. What a rip, hardly seems worth the purchase, or are they very good?

You can wear a watch as long as there are no alarms and it doesnt beep.

As for the 40 bucks — the exam being tomorrow — not worth the purchase. Don’t forget to check out any special details re the exam centre, at “my” centre we’re asked to bring our own lunch since all cafeterias will be closed due to the national holiday…

Good luck today, Dane. Oh, and it’s of course 4:50 AM from where I’m posting, not 10:50 PM. Good luck everyone.