course providers

I think I need to take a LIII review course because work has just been too hectic and at this point, I feel like I am behind the curve. Soooo, with that in mind, are there any courses out there that former L3 candidates would recommend? Thanks for any replies.

Maybe you can help me - Finally I decided to sign up for exam (friday 15) - I paid 635 USD and I got (yesterday) a book with all CFA Books my question is: - is it cfa’s new policy to “sell also” the books (or I bought them because i did not realize there was an exam only fee) thxs a lot WHEN I PREPARED LEVELS II AND I , some years ago - i used the scheweser summaries regards, aht

Yes, now the books come with the sign up fee. Still, you are probably better getting something from Schweser or Stalla unless you have time to wade throught the CFA stuff. The CFA stuff is great, but there is a lot to go through. I need an intensive 2-3 day review course. Any recs? Thanks.