Courses to do along with CFA

I’m looking for some Udemy / Coursera courses.

someone who has done any, please suggest as to which are applicable in the industry.

Probably a waist of time. Focus on what you are doing now. Ask your boss after you pass level III. Otherwise, the answer depends on what job you plan on doing.

Fortunately, it’s not a bust of time.

Or a hips of time.


It’s totally useful !

When you start off, don’t let the software weaken this belief. This is more important than any other lesson I’ve ever learned:

What’s most important, however, is not the kind of user interface used, but the underlying logic that encompasses the model.

Get that logic, MS-excel, you will learn sooner or later.


never waste of time to study, read, or pick up new skills or knowledge. Don’t ask your boss for sh*t. I grew up in a family that not only YOLO but also YOYO.

you’re on your own. Remember everyone wants everything. Be careful what you reveal about yourself, aspirations or goals to others. I may be cynical probably shaped by my cut throat experience in high finance in NYC…but my thoughts.

financial modeling. Check out F1F9.

I second this. I took the financial modeling course from Breaking Into Wall Street as I was also looking to go to IBD / Buyside firm. It’s so much easier to understand DCF if you actually tried discounting company cash flows through excel.