cousin just got elected mayor!! w00t! may the city prosper under his rule!

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Is this the same cousin that won the lottery a few months back?

nope lol. that one in canada mid to late 30s, shes like 30m (she bought a 10m mansion, and a 1m gas station, i shit u not).

this one is one of the major cities in the philippines. he was councilman previously, rose to vice mayor, and now in his 40s is the mayor. its like a 15 year trek for him. its also a pretty democratic city. i think hes worth ~2m. but i’ve had other relatives that are/were mayors before. the ones that are current are not in major cities, but they own that city.

i got an auntie running for congress as well. she didnt win the lotto but shes prolly the most successful businesswise. early 50s with ~20m.

i also had an uncla that was a mayor for a major city, but was ousted for corruption a decade ago. i also got family in the senate, they’e been there forever, and are direct descendant of the 1st president.

“Welcome to the THOT-Pot” should be his email signature.

never happened

Would you rather A) be a mayor in the Philippines or B) rise to shift manager at Applebees? Serious question.

Quite the family you got there!

Philippines by far. Worked once a 3-hour shift at McD and it was the horrible. I sometimes complain about studying for CFA but it’s nothing compared to working at McD’s. That sh!t is ROUGH! If I’d have to work there, I would do anything in my power to get out. I don’t get how some people are able to do it for years.

Haha, I love that that got a serious response.

Applebee’s > Wendy’s > McD’s > CFA L2

I worked at a Ruby Tuesdays in college. Was such a great party family of deadbeats. Would definitely take that over phillipines.

i worked fast food too. never made it to the big league server jobs like bs. mom lost job so i lost my allowance in hs. so i got a job. when she got anotehr job. i quit it, but they begged me to stay. so i just worked once a week. for the last 2 months. the pay was shit. but the free weekly food was bomb. lol

Biggest culture shock of living in low income countries, to me, is how many people end up working for you because labor is so cheap. Even moderately wealthy people often have maids, driver, gardener, and all sorts of other staff like that. Maybe some people are into that. In the US, it’s more economical to buy machines that help you do everything yourself.

no cooking. no cleaning. no driving. also there are defined classes. in the us even poor people can do the same things as rich people.