Covfefe - its brilliant

Just saying it in the dark. A silent whisper. Covfefe. Like the rolling mountains of Switzerland, having a hot coffee by the fire. Covfefe. Knowing what you want and getting what you need. Covfefe. Being the one who others count on, in situations that mean the most. Covfefe. Looking at the world and seeing the good things in it and bringing out the best in people. Covfefe. Chilaquiles under a palapa at dawn. Covfefe. Embracing the moment of a lifetime. Covfefe. Realizing the essence of your true being. Covfefe. Walking up the 7000 steps of Tai Shan in China to enter the Gateway to Heaven. Covfefe. Scuba diving in the Red Sea after having hookah with the Egyptians. Covfefe. Making America great again, better than it ever was before. Covfefe.

I wish I could go back in time and use this as my wedding vow.