COVID impact on December exam

i agree that any decision they make should be final. really hoping this hasn’t been a wasted summer of studying… again.

Good intel, thanks.

Just an FYI: the Society of Actuaries pushed off the May Exams to mid-July this year. I have yet to hear how the candidates “enjoyed” it. Of course, there aren’t nearly as many candidates as for CFA, so the logistics may have been easier to handle.

Doubt anyone can enjoy these times.
Read in the news how texas grandfather passed away after he got the virus from grand daughter who infected him after attending a party. Something similar happened in Florida too.

Wonder how CFAI will react if they become a vehicle for something like this come december

I hope they postpone it- I do not feel safe at this point

I cannot see the exam going ahead in December, as so few countries are in a good position. Frankly I think even the June 2021 date is at risk.

But this is the thing - the situation in the USA is absolutely the worst. In Europe, which has more than 2 times the population, there are 4 times less new infections. And Russia and Spain amount for about a half of these infections. Also it would be important to stress that new cases do not seem to be Europe is not going through continuous worrying increase in new cases like USA.

I live in Europe and I would feel safe to take the exam assuming there are no spikes in new cases. No objection on wearing mask and gloves during the exam. Thus, it would make sense to postpone the exam in the USA and other areas, while places such as Europe seem considerably safer and exam-doable.

Will be interesting to see if they treat different geographic regions differently. At this point I cannot imagine sitting with a thousand people for 8 hours and coming home to my family hoping everything is ok. And I really can’t imagine taking the exam with gloves on.

who said Europe is safe with infections declining
check this

its all over the news

Well I presented you with the latest information on the new cases. It is to be expected that new cases arise as most European countries have somewhat relaxed measures in order to allow the economy to recover. So this is not the second wave.

I have also written that it is OK for me to take the exam “assuming there are no spikes in new cases”. Whether there will or not be it remains to be seen.

Well even if they want to arrange the exam using all the precautions, it will be one frigging long centre with proper distance and think about how you have to wear the PPE for over 8 hours, even the thought of it scares me. Having my time with N-95 masks, trust me when I say this, it cuts the circulation quite fast, it is not meant to be worn for 8 hours! :mask:

Im glad that im done with it. cant imagine the stress

To me, at this point and time of studying (I narrowly failed L3), it is all about organizing private time excluding CFA. Traveling, hanging out with people and doing things I did not have time for. I feel already well prepared I just want to wrap it up.

Hi I remember you from last year. If it does not offend you could you tell the areas that surprised you ?

Lol , there is nothing to be ashamed of not passing the exam. This exam is notorious for humbling people…

Well I performed the worst in the ethics session (bottom 10% vs. top 10% or top 5% in L1 and L2). There was nothing there that surprised me, I am having some underlying health issues that prevented me from sleeping the night before the exam. So, in the essay part of the exam I did actually well enough but after I returned from the break I was done. IMO, there were some tricks in essay section and I thought they were on a higher level than the past exams, yet it was not anything crazy. PM session was quite OK. But as you know, ethics has long text that explains the situation and after reading the problem, I did not know what I read. I tried to go to bathroom to wash my face and do some stretching to regain my focus but to no avail. Other problems, aside from Ethics, I found easier as they are in a sense related to formulas and simple logic (if you read your stuff).

The new curriculum, in my opinion, is much easier. There are less calculations, less derivatives, many chapters are the same. So as a retaker I am looking forward for the exam, hopefully this time there will be no issues.

I have now prepared for the same exam twice, and been using all my leaves for preparation. I know its going to be like this the rest of the year
However we live in unprecedented times and i trust the institute will do the right thing at the right time (i.e. adapt/confirm/cancel etc )

Now you have a choice to switch to 2021

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I really don’t like Alt Invsts this time. Derivatives is definitely better. Was kinda hoping they’d get rid of GIPS but thats gonna stick forever.