Covid vaccine is coming! Let's do some polling!

Would you take the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid19 vaccine if it hits the market early next year?

  • Yes
  • No

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lol im curious. why would you not take a vaccine?

Because there’s been such a rush to develop it so there might be some hidden side-effects.
From a selfish standpoint, my and my immediate family’s probability to get really sick or die of covid is next to nothing so the little mathematician in me plays the probability game and assumes that a hastily developed vaccine poses a greater danger to me and my family’s health than the actual disease.

yea almsot half of americans think the same way. personally. i will take it. im pretty tired of hiding from nothing. this will justify it.
also that 1 from pfizer that is 90% effective. 50m available 2020 for ppl at risk. and 1.2b for 2021 for general population. its expected to be limited until summer 2021. so if you dont want to take one, you’re doing someone else a favor.
data is early only about 7 days from 2nd shot. so they are monitoring it still for safety issues. plus they dont yet know how long the protection lasts. but anyways 90% effective is extremely good news. given some vaccine like for the flu is only 25 to 50% and last only a few months. hopefully its lifetime protection!

Second this, wouldn’t be surprised if everyone has weird kids in the future or die young but just a gut feel, no reasonable basis :roll_eyes:

gg covid. 2 have extremely good phase 3 results. there are still 10 other different companies in phase 3.
moderna just released their vaccine results. 95% effective. 30k participants on their phase 3. producing 20m for 2020. 1b doses in 2021.
pfizer released from last week. 90% effective.43k participants. producing 50m for 2020. 1.3b in 2021.
was with a pharmacist to get my flu shot. and he was telling me not to count on covid vaccine because phase 3 trials were only 4k for pfizer. its 43k… lot of “informed” peole dont know ■■■■

I’ve read that doctors routinely misinterpret data and mix up numbers. A book about statistics I read years ago broke down death probability stats of breast cancer and then asked cancer specialist doctors to interpret the same data. The results were disturbing. In a nutshell, doctors often tell patients that they have say, a 30% chance of survival when in fact the patient has a 95% probability of survival. Doctors’ education doesn’t involve a whole lot of statistics so they’re fall victim to false positives etc. Yeah, nothing to do with Nery’s post but I’m not surprised a doctor mixes 43k with 4k.

I wish it wasn’t called a “vaccine” so I wouldn’t sound like an anti-vaxxer for saying I don’t want to get it.

you like poll dont you

Not too familiar with the regulations but the optics just look bad when the CEO dumps shares the day they announce results from their trials.

Though it was a “planned sale” beforehand, I somehow doubt this was THAT coincidental