Coworker Problem

Lets just say for all intents and purposes I work in a mid office type job dealing with clients.

Anyways, my concern is that coworkers who are the same level as me and have been that level for the past 8 years are legit throwing their client work on me (we get specific client work and help each other out from time to time). My problem is they are giving me their client work when I have to work on weekends and till 11 at night to finish their client work while they get the weekends off and leave work at 5. Should I tell me boss about this? I’ve been with this place a bit over 1 year and the last 2 months it has been driving me nuts and just gotten out of hand!

Just think of yourself as having graduated. Just start leaving at 5 pm and say a polite and sturdy no when your co-workers pile their work-load on you. Or say something with a funny and serious spin together, like “i ve paid my dues” and just walk away. Personally I think that’s better than turning to your supervisor. You can handle this, in the same way that you took it on cause you were a newby shake it off… Good luck!

it seems that your boss is absent-type. When they want to give you their work, they say, if they insist, tell them to request by email only