CP Where are you?

I feel for you, cpk. sucks, big time.

CP, feel sincerely bad for your result.

do agree that you should focus more on AM answers and also concentrate more on your study plan and lower your altruism that has benn paying off for many AFers, myself included.

All the best for you. You helped me a lot! Hope you can make it next year.



CP…OMG! I really can’t believe you did not clear it. It was almost impossible. Um so sorry :frowning:

Be brave though in tough time. Once again my sincere thanks to you for all the help!

And for CFAI graders, do you guys really understand how to grade? Big Question on them if they did not found CPK’s answers appropriate…

+1 on altruism comment. cpk123 you seriously need to rething your time on the forum - Make use of the forum and not get used and soaked up by it.

I don’t completely agree with the altruism stuff…maybe a little less time on here would be great for us all…but if he can teach so many people on here then that obviously helps him in a way. It could be the way he was writing the answers where his words didn’t quite match up to their keywords. Or like so many others he misinterpreted what they were looking for and thus didn’t give the words they wanted.

^It worked wonders for me. I was a very heavy poster before (from a different Id) on the L2 forum and ended up failing the exam, soon realized it and was away from this thing, came back and nailed it.

Its not the problem of misinterpretation, “not understanding the questions asked”, “not writing what’s needed and expected”, “not using the correct keywords” - remember he is cpk123, when he can understand questions posted on the forum from all parts of the world in Englishlike language and reply back with precise and apt answers all in less than 1 minute, there has to be something else that’s taking him down every time.

I dont doubt CPK well understanding on the subjects.

+1. I too observed this. This is just to help you to rethink the way you prepare for the exam.

Also it is not clear what they expect on AM. I had 7 <50 in AM and passed thanks to PM.

CPK, very sorry to hear about this. I owe part of my CFA charter to your wisdom/selfless acts of sharing your knowledge with us on the forum. I wish you well as you journey on.

The cpk rises

Coaches vs Champions.

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Omaha bootcamp if you haven’t done it. Good luck sir.

Good luck next year, CP. No joke - I am shocked you didn’t pass. You certainly know enough to pass.

did he pull it off or not?

it looks like he followed my earlier advice

CPK sorry to hear bro. Sucks big time … !wishing you all the best for the next time around,

My 2 cents - probably - did you spend time on giving immaculate answers as you have always given on this forum ? do you think you gave more explanation than that was required for the marks awarded for the question. I feel you do not lack the knowledge, i ‘guess’ you should tune yourself to give “smart” answers rather than the precise and detailed explanations you have always given us on this forum. This might help you score on the AM section, this was the let per your post above…

Karma man - Karma, you will always keep adding points to that. Wishing you all the best for the next time around. i know & most of the folks on this forum know, you will nail it.

CPK: sorry to hear it; you were a big help to so many people here.

Best of luck next year!

CPK - sorry you didn’t make it this time but you surely will next year.

You were a very big help to me, clarifying and connecting topics that CFAI left vague and disconnected.Thank you!

I kinda agree with the altruism comment - maybe you can confine AF participation to “between 7:30 pm and 8 pm” (that’s probably enough time for you to answer 100 minutiae-filled questions :-))


This thread is old. From 2012. Nobody knows what happen to CPK in 2013 yet.