CP Where are you?

CPK123, one of the greatest on this forum…where are you? Did you kill it?

^ Um sure he’s done. um too looking for him…

I hope he killed it and we never hear from him ever again .

not so lucky guys

band 7. still licking my wounds on a bad AM set of scores with 6 < 50%.

I guess I do not know WHAT they are asking for! And need to work on it …

and in the PM too - have ended up with 2 > 70%, 1 (Alt) with < 50% and rest being 4/6 (50-70%).

so lots of work to be done …

CPK, I feel so bad for you. You were a big help to so many on the L3 forum, answering tons of questions etc…

Was this your 3rd attempt at level 3?



cpk - did you go to the Omaha boot camp?

CPK - I’m sorry - you helped me so much. I also got crushed on the AM and with a solid knowledge of the material apparently I did not understand what they were asking.

What will you do differently if anything?

Dang :confused: you too? … sorry about that.


I simply can’t believe that CPK123 did not make it. Something wrong with the way they graded the AM section. How could this be?

Thanks for helping CPK123. If I were you, I would definitely spend the extra $100 for re-evaluation.

Otherwise, I don’t mind spending the $100 for you. Seriously, I mean it.


Wow, CP, so sorry. I can’t imagine - your grasp was as good or better than anyones. Better luck his year.


Glad I helped you all.

Obviously when I write the actual exam - I am either not as clear, or am missing something seriously. Misinterpretation of what is required to be written.

No point in spending the 100$. It is a waste. (For adding and knowing did they add all the points up - it is throwing money).

Given the high # of instances where <50% showed up on the AM - it is not really worth it. I need to understand, seriously - what is it that they are looking for in the answer.

well at least you’ll get to see the AM when it is eventually released

I am with you next year

Ah man… I am disappointed for you CP. You know your stuff… Thanks for all your help this past year!

CPK, i’ve been around long enough to see your impact on these boards. You will be successfull next year if you change one thing, and one thing only… leave AF alone, do not log in, and focus on yourself. good luck next year.

^ There it is! A million dollar advice… It helped me, will will work for cpk123 also!

I think one of the things that tripped me up on the practice exams is over thinking the AM answers. I would over complicate the question in my head when they really wanted a straightforward answer. I found the first individual investor question like that on the real exam. I thought “they cannot surely just want as simple an answer as THAT?”. Basically, there are a lot of people who really knew the material well and didn’t pass this time and my working theory is that knowing a lot can in some ways put you at a disadvantage because you can over complicate and therefore misinterpret what they are asking. I got pretty trashed on a lot of the AM session and I know some of it was because of this issue.