CPA Curriculum books


Do the CPA books change from one year to the other ? Can I purchase the books without purchasing the exam?r

I would like to retake the exam ( failed level one in 2015) But would like to go through them fully. Hence my questions,



I’m guessing there’s a type in your post: CFA not CPA. In any case, yea the books can be purchased regardless of your candidacy status in the program. I believe they’re available retail through the CFAI website and/or through where I have seen CFAI retailing them there.


Yes It is a typo I meant the CFA. Thank you for your help!

No worries, best of luck!

typo between CFA and CPA?! yikes. That’s like saying oops I went to a Honda dealership when I meant to buy a Chrysler.

It happens often on January the 2nd…Too Drunk to F…ck…

100%! :expressionless: