CPA Experience

Hey Guys- Im a Lvl 2 candidate who works as an accountant at a hedge fund. I plan on sitting for a part or two of the CPA exam after the June LVl 2 exam and I wanted to check with any CPA’s on here before I did. I do not have any public experience. I do daily, monthly and annual P/L including preparing FS in acccordance with GAAP and working with the auditors (PWC) on a regular basis. While I dont actually audit, I believe that a lot of my experience is similar to what would be done in public. Does anyone here know anyone who was able to become certified without public accounting experience? If so what was the process like? I appreciate any help on this.

CHeck this site out: CPA requirements are a maze. Often, states will have two track: one requiring audit experience, one just requires working for a CPA, or general accounting functions. EIther allows you to use the designation. Many states do not require residency. I’m considering the CPA (already did CFA). Do your own research on this one. There is a lot of misinformed people regarding this topic.