CPA valued in investment management?

Just wondering if anyone knows whether a CPA designation provides value to someone willing to work in the investment management field or anything wall street has to offer.


I know a few CPA’s working at PE firms, but they’re not the guys who are making the deals and sitting on boards. I get the impression that their compensation is nothing to sneeze at though, as they are valued members of the team.

I think it’s less about having the CPA initials and more about your experience. Do you have audit experience? Transaction advisory? Tax? Financial Reporting?

If you have significant Audit experience, that’s very different from having Tax experience. And your future jobs will probably be very different.

So is any of those relevant for someone recruiting for an investment managemennt position? or PE? and to what extent?

Sounds to me like you don’t know what you want to do. Do you have a career in mind? Or are you just throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks?

‘‘investment management’’

First, you said, “investment management field or anything wall street has to offer.” Then you said “Invesment Management or PE”. Then you said “Investment Management”.

I liken your question to “What kind of car should I get?” The question is so vague that nobody can answer it, because there are so many cars out there. Passenger vans, sports cars, 18-wheelers, smart cars, giant SUV’s, etc. What kind of car you should get depends on what you need for your particular situation. If the question is vague, then the answer will also be vague.

Being in a tax practice will not vault you to the top of the list to run the Magellan fund. It might open doors to run your own combined tax and investment practice, though. Similarly, being in transaction advisory or valuation might put you on track to be an analyst somewhere.

CPA’s do a great many things. CPA stands for “Can Perform Anything”. “Investement Management” also means many things. If you want any real answers, you’ll have to narrow your questions.

^ Fantastic advice, and good on you to be more patient with the OP than I could have been. I thought about answering the OP’s question myself, but didn’t forget about the hilarious comments this guy put on the “MBA waste of time” thread and figured this thread wasn’t going to be one I could take seriously either.

Answer: Yes, provides some value.

Guess what Greenie, the question was made to be vague. Now take 2 mins to figure out why and if you can’t read the answer below:

I do not expect people to necessarily have an answer for the investment management field. Should someone have information with regards to other jobs you can find on wall street I would be interested to hear from them too! (surpirsing uh?) That doesn’t mean i don’t know which car to buy, maybe i just like knowing car specs? If I can’t buy a ferrari maybe I still want to know what a ferrari is, its top speed, etc. (no kidding, people do buy car manuals for the fun of it, it’s weird right?)

Its seems like according to you I’m not allowed to not be specific. Just tailor your answer to what you know, if any.

I don’t even know what to tell you, it seems like your oestrogen is out of control since people agreed in majority on my previous thread that a MBA only provides a network and nothing more. I still wished you a good time in your MBA. Is the store out of tissues yet?

Also please stop answering any threads, your opinion is too biased towards what YOU do (i.e. MBA). Have fun learning debits and credits.

Marco - Haha, I already have my MBA but thanks. I pointed out what I did because you were acting like some type of authority on a subject matter that you had completely no knowledge about or experience in. Yet you continued to make a little punk out of yourself whenever someone gave you disconfirming evidence or tried to talk some sense into you. Your information on that thread was patently biased or simply wrong, but people who didn’t know any better might rely on your misinformed opinions. You talk a big game but when you ask questions like the ones on this thread, it really goes to show that you don’t know your head from your a$$ when it comes to the investments industry. Man, I’m trying to help you when I tell you to stop pretending or acting a fool, ya heard? By the way, I know you’re trying to troll around and instigate things here. If that’s what gets you high then you gotta do what you gotta do. But I worked with people while I was in investment banking and equity research that were far worse. You’re little league material as far as I’m concerned.

OP, if you’re trolling then so be it but if not, I would pay attention to numi’s advice when he’s willing to give it. He’s helped a lot of people on this forum on many topics related to the industry and well respected by people on this board. I haven’t seen this “MBA worthless” thread but would give much more weight to someone that went to a top tier program and actually works in the industry. Plus, 46 posts vs. 5200. Numi has added a lot to AF. The big question is why. Community service maybe? In any case, glad he’s around.

No homo.

Word. This describes Marco pretty well.

So you intentionally asked a vague question, already having your mind made up on the answer? I don’t mind giving advice to somebody, but if you just want to fight and argue about it, find someone else.

I agree with Spunboy. Numi > Marco x 10


I’m not trying to instigate anything. And with regards to the info on that MBA thread, yes I gave my opinion, and yes it may have been wrong, that’s exactly why I was asking people. Most comments on that thread (hence information) did not come from myself, so why put the blame on me if you’re not happy with the info ppl put out there? I agree my initial post was perhaps too much, but hey what people said in that thread I am not responsible of. It is their opinion.

I don’t know why you say I have my mind made up on the answer (on this thread at least). I did not provide any opinion on the matter at all…I’m waiting for people to do so. really confused by your post.

I wonder if there’s a correlation between amount of posts someone does and wisdom of those. The post I had of Numi on the MBA thread was full of anger and extremely one-sided (truth is I could figure out he had an MBA, driving that anger, without him telling me so). Its like I was repsonsible for eveyrone’s opinion on that thread. You should go read it.

It depends on the poster. bchad and numi? Yes, high correletion between quantity and wisdom. Me? Not so much.