cpa EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS FOR COLORADO LICENSURE Rule 2.5 Requirements (Qualifying under Education in Lieu of Experience) a Masters degree, doctoral degree, or a bachelor’s degree with 30 additional hours; 39 semester hours in accounting; 6 semester hours in audit; 36 semester hours in general business subjects, with no more than 9 hours in any subject; and All applicants residing inside the United States or relocating to the United States must complete an Affidavit of Eligibility to determine legal presence in the United States; NOTICE: Experience is not required when applying under Rule 2.5.

jmh530 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > You have to have experience as an auditor or > actual accountant right? Could an equity analyst > take the exam and apply his work experience to it? what’s the use of a CPA cerificate since you already have experience as an equity analyst? go to get the CFA!!

If you take the CPA you want to get it in a state with tough qualifications so that you can transfer your license to other states. If you get licensed in a state with minimal requirements you will only be able to pose a CPA in that state.