My wife likes this stock, because soup is good food or something. Looks boring to me. Anybody got any opinions? Virgin, do you like CPB with your 2-buck chuck?

No, i don’t like canned soup with my 2 buck chuck. When I go to the grocery store I only shop around the outer parameter and buy foods that my great grandmother (R.I.P.) would still recognize. I love how so many consumer staples are at 52 week highs amidst this global meltdown of financials. Are you coming to the painting party in the Lower East Side on Tuesday, 23rd(tentative)? $10/hour if you paint. I think Bchadwick is coming. I’ll try to bring some Ruination. They don’t have this in NYC!: http://www.stonebrew.com/tasting/ruination/press.html

Painting party? What do we paint?

Don’t do it. Virgin couldn’t afford rent on has to return his bachelor pad in Harlem back to the original spec stat is was rented out in [says so in the lease agreement]. Willy

I’m selling my old apartment on Suffolk Street so I can buy a beach house in California. The theme is “putting lipstick on a pig.” Sarah Palin will be there. Any other new yorkers who want to come hang out & have a beer are welcome to come. We can have an AF party on the roof deck. Email me for the address. It will probably be tuesday: musicslut@yahoo.com ps willyR is not going to be there… no worries!

I e-mailed you Virgin and kept the mother jokes to 1. Willy

its 3 buck chuck now and i opt to go for black mountain cab, it’s double the price of chuck but well worth it

So in a blow to either dividend irrelevance or market efficiency or a serious belief in soup lines, CPB announced a 14% increase in its dividend today. The market melted down 8% but CPB was up amidst optimism about CPB’s CEO’s comments "This dividend increase demonstrates our ongoing commitment to creating shareowner value and reflects our confidence in the long-term growth prospects of Campbell.”

people are going to be making their own soup from scratch if they’re unemployed

…and they will end up healthier and happier than eating canned soup, mcdonalds, etc.

CPB is the only S&P name that is up today

I am glas somebody back me up on this. I have been saying since weeks to buy CPB and GIS. It’s the best deal. GIS also does the “Progresso” soup. Those are grwat picks. Good job.