I was shocked by the CPK’s fail, I think it is a good idea to start an AF donations pool for CPK, +1 if you would contribute.

The purpose of the pool is to pay for CPK’s registration and study notes, and whatever extra we can get so he can take a break and use it for fun. Might be too ambitious but we can try.

I can run the donations via paypal and other methods, or we can have chad run it if he does not mind, people would feel safer dealing with him.


I think he’s a great guy and I’m sorry he failed, but isn’t this overboard?

not the attitude I was looking for, still hoping tha any people gained from his posts and they should be willing to give him a small gift. PS I don’t even know the guys real name, no confict of interest here.

intercom, he contributed a lot to AF and it is very possible that for some people he made the diff betwen a pass and fail. I myself am willing to donate, if no one else joins then you would be right, its overboard…

I think I’m going to vomit.

He has contributed much on AF, but in many ways we are all helping ourselves. For Topics and Questions that are posted on AF, if they are hard for the OP, they are probably hard for many people. So, you come across a difficult question someone posted, you can do some research, find the answer, and in that process you are really helping yourself.

let’s be rational, at the end of the day, we’re essentially all competitors. Half of us will pass. if you make an effort to understand all the difficult topics that stump others, you’re trying to put yourself in that top half that pass, and most of the users on AF already skew towards the top half.

firedcfa, I thought you disappeared from AF and spent 30 days like a hermit. How did cpk directly help you so much?

contribute a lot in forum -> loads of AF points -> free t-shirt from AF!

That’s what we get for helping =)

I got 5 on that.

Was he the guy at this years CU Boot camp that kept trying to one up Marc? Just askin’…

I am willing to contribute. Janakisri helped a lot too. I am not sure whether he passed.

Please send me a private mail on this forum. After seeing what happened to passme, I can not provide my email address on here.


^ smart!