is this your first/second time on level two? what is your background? if you could sum up your study method in a few sentences what would it be? just curious. not a biggy if you dont wanna share

Skip, haven’t you realized cpk doesn’t like questions like this…if you want to consult him, drop a question. He is asking guys to post questions on AF…and not study methods. lol.

Cpk passed Level 1 in Dec 07. This is (his/her) first time taking L2. Cpk was my lifesaver during both attempts at Level 1 by answering all the FSA/Quant questions on the L1 board with ease. Cpk would have answered right away had you put Stalla vs. Schweser near the title.

cpk helped me tramendously with Level I FSA. I’m sure he will help lots of people on AF to nail Level II in June.

first post would add more but cpk always answers quickly and CORRECTLY. CPK one request, please don’t set the curve too high