CPP Investment & Teachers Pension

Anybody here work at either one fo these instiutions? What is it like? Is the culture very different than that of a mutual fund company or bank? What is the salary like there? thx

I know alot of friends who interned or worked at those places. It depends if your talking front, back, mid-office. Also depends if were talking PE or Public or Trading side. Either way one of the best places to work, they are paid well but a bit lower than some places. The culture is very relaxed compared to some banks and very little to do with facetime (you can go home when your shit is done). Their interview process is also very long and picky.

I’m referring to front office in the capacity of investment analysis.

How goes the hunt Frank? My friend told me CPP cares very much about designations and graduate degrees. I think you will pass their first screen. Their application process is kind of weird, no cover letter, just some website navigation and resume upload. You can only apply for one job per email address. Good luck!

Just applied to two jobs on CPP. Both seem very related and something I can handle. the hunt is tough. but i have just said to myself that I will have as much fun as possible, so whatever happens, happens. I heard the good news with you Storko so congrats. Don’t forget about the little guys you hear.

im hunting too… nothing has been secured for me. markets are still wicked ceompetitive!

storko, i’m on gmail. we should talk more on there if you got hte instant messenging thing. Been finding some decent investment ideas even in these overvalued times.

Best of luck, tell us if you land an interview. The reason I ask if you meant FO, was because my friend said last year when CPP was looking for an analyst they had their pick from Ivey kids, MIT, US Ivy league grads with BB intenrships and others, very very competitive. While my other friend at OTPP said their last addition to the PE team was a Wharton MBA and the Equities team again either looks for crazy math people or top bschools. OTPP midoffice is full of UW/UT math grads even and thats just their midoffice. So yah these are not easy gigs to land. That is why their site is so generic and they do not ask for cover letters or anything.