CQF(Certificate in Quantitative Finance)


Does anyone know about CQF(Wilmott)?

Is the course too hard for the average person?

Thanks in advance!

Hello Manet,

I assist in overseeing the CQF program for the APAC region and you have asked a great question!

In brief the CQF program is a 6 month part time course designed for individuals working in, or with the intent of moving into the areas of derivatives, development, quant trading or risk management. The in-depth training focuses on practical implementation of techniques and questions the analysis of models and mehods used in the current market.

I wouldn’t say that the program is too hard for the average person, though there is a certain level of math required to complete the program and to gain full benefit from knowledge and tools provided. The program is geared towards delegates with a ‘hard science’ background for example engineering or physics, however in saying thsi, we have had delegates with either a business or economics background who have completed the program successfully without having any math training since high school!

So to answer your questions, no, the program is not too hard for the avaerage person and on completion it will provide you with a world class quant qualification.

We are currently taking applications fo our January 2013 cohort and would love to go over the program in more detail with you. My direct e-mail is t.lee@7city.com and I look forward to hearing from you.


If you don’t enjoy math there is no point in undergoing this kind of course. Whether this kind of course really helps the world is a totally different question. Personally I would spend my time better in other things.

A colleague of mine brought this program to my attention a few months ago - it looks awesome … with the exception of the price tag ($22,000 USD).